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We offer a wide selection of services including:

Mobile Equipment Service & Repair
Help is only a phone call away. So let us come to you, we have mechanics that cover the entire State of Florida. If you are a current or even a previous client, we will service your equipment no matter where you are in the state.

Let our 20 years of experience work for you. Our expertise and reliability separates us from the rest of the industry. We can provide you with the guidance and hands on know how needed to achieve the success you and your company are looking for.

Equipment Evaluation
When the time comes to start considerations for a new equipment purchase, give us an opportunity to evaluate your inventory. We will then be able to provide you with your most cost effective options. Once you have made an informed decision we will then review and assist with golf course maintenance equipment purchases that fit your budget.

Research and Development
Our extensive turf background allows us the opportunity to work with equipment manufacturers in research and development. This allows them to bring new equipment to the marketplace quicker, and make existing equipment better. This also allows us to test the equipment in the same conditions you work in, and make changes before problems can start.

With equipment promotion in the marketplace we provide an aggressive approach to helping new manufacturers break into the turf industry. Manufacturers contact us to promote new products, then we test and evaluate of the effectiveness and marketability of the product. We make changes, if any, and then we agree to promote the product by advertising different promotions along with other staple products that have proven themselves in the turf industry.


 Turf News

Key Royale Club 2012!

Congratulations to John Secor & Staff at Key Royale Golf Club on Anna Maria Island with their recent purchase of a new Agrimetal 660 greens roller.


Ferris 2013!

We are proud to annouce our recent
partnership with 
Ferris Industries! 
We are now an authorized Retailer and Service Center for all things Ferris!